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What To Look For In A Moving Company

Choosing a moving company can be a difficult choice. There are a lot of important factors to consider when you are preparing to move, including what company to hire. 

Hiring a professional moving company is a great way to simplify the moving process. Although your moving process might go up in cost it is well worth it since moving can be a physically demanding process. Professional movers are sure to make your whole moving day run smoother but that is if you hire the right company. 

Here are our top things to consider when looking for a moving company. 

1. Listen To Trusted Recommendations

Google may be the best starting point for any search for services but your friends and family may have more insight than a machine. You likely know a few people who have used several local moving companies and are able to share insight to their experiences. Someone may have had a bad experience with one company and a few others may have great experiences with another company. Word of mouth will always be one of the most trusted ways of figuring out who is the best. Starting with friends and family will surely provide you with important insights you will not find from Google! 

2. Reviews

Now that you have a few leads from friends and family to follow up on it is now time to look online for reviews. People typically leave online reviews for one of two reasons. They had a great experience or a terrible experience. Either way, both of these type of reviews are important to know and take into account when making a decision about which company to use. Read these reviews from each company and use the information you gather to help make the best decision possible. 

3. Track Record

A moving company with years of experience is obviously doing something right. Between the information you gain from friends, family and online you can then look at who of the best has been the most well established. You should be able to discover who is the most on time, has the best rates, does the best job caring for your possessions, etc. Having a good track record and successfully showing that they achieved the aforementioned can significantly help you decide. 

4. Properly Licensed & Insured

Never ever ever use a moving company that is not licensed and insured. Anyone with a box truck and some muscular people can call themselves a moving company but without proper, legal licensing and insurance they will not be able to properly protect your property. 

5. Fits Your Needs

Every move bring its on specific needs. There are major differences between moving out of a 1 bed 1 bath apartment and a 5 bed 3 bath house. You need to make sure you are hiring a moving company that is going to be able to accommodate your specific needs. Is the truck the right size to fit all your property? Is the company going to be able to provide the supplies needed such as furniture pads and ratchet straps? Are they going to meet your time window you need and have planned on? These are all things to consider and more. 

The most important things to consider when choosing a moving company for us are what we mentioned above. Do they have good word of mouth and reviews? Are they able to accommodate your moving needs? Are they a well established company with a good track record? Are the properly licensed and insured? Make sure you do your due diligence and proper research to choose the right and best company for yourself. 

If you are moving locally or far, contact The Moving Guys for all your moving needs today!