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Interstate Moving during the winter

Moving During The Winter Months

Most long distance moves typically take place during the summer months but if you do decided to move in the winter, do not be afraid of a little cold weather. Most people are surprised to discover that there are a few benefits to moving during winter. 

The main benefits for moving during the winter months are that it is off-peak time for moving companies which gives you competitive pricing and more moving dates to choose from. Here are some tips to help you move during the winter months. 

1. Make Sure The Utilities At Your New House Work and Are On.

Nothing would be worse than showing up to your new home, in the middle of winter, with not lights or heat! The days during the winter months are shorter which means you have less time to complete your move in a single day which is exactly why you are going to want to ensure that your heat, water, gas and electric are on and running properly. 

2. Clear The Walkways & Driveway

Winter or summer, it is a good idea to visit your new home and make sure there are no hazards but it is especially important when there are slippery and wet conditions. We recommend making sure all walkways are clear of ice and snow by utilizing salt or sand. 

If you are unable to go to your new home prior to the moving day you should have your realtor or property manager check on these things for you. 

3. Keep Your Winter Gear Accessible

Keep your hands warm with some gloves, your head warm with a hat, and bring extra layers in case the snow picks up and the temperatures drop. As mentioned in our previous blogs we always recommend packing a ‘first night’ bag but when moving during winter time we suggest packing an additional bag with all your winter essentials. 

4. Cover Your Floors!

The dirty mix of all the different winter elements can wreak havoc on your floors. Place floor mats at the entrances of all outdoor doors and plastic tarps/wraps over the floors. Most moving companies will be prepared for this but it is always best to make sure you are covered. 

5. Stock Up On Winter Supplies

You never know when you may need to get yourself out of a snowy situation, not only if your vehicle gets stuck but also for your foot traffic. Salt and sand along with a couple of shovels should take care of the typical winter elements. If you are in an area with more snow than average it might be smart to invest in a snowblower. 

6. Keep An Eye Out On The Weather

Moving can be stressful and can clog your mind up because there is so much to think about and remember so you might forget to track weather conditions. We recommend setting a reminder to check the weather at least a week prior to your moving date and keep checking up to the date of your move. You might also want to discuss potential weather hinderances and rescheduling policies with your movers in case the worst happens. 

If you are moving locally or far, contact The Moving Guys for all your moving needs today!