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Interstate Moving during the winter

How To Survive Moving During The Winter

Moving can be stressful enough as it is but can be even worse during the winter months. From the snow on the ground to the miserably cold temperatures, moving during the winter months provide their own challenges. Let’s look at how to make your winter move as smooth and pain free as possible. 

Start Packing NOW!

Do not make the mistake of waiting until the day before or day of to start packing your things. The earlier you start packing, the easier it will make your move for everyone involved. Accumulate enough boxes and start packing room by room with the least necessary items first. Over time you can easily pack your items without the pressure or stress of needing to do it in a single day. 

Get Your Home Ready To Move

As stated earlier, the winter months bring their own set of challenges. A big contributor to those challenges is the elements. Snow, ice and wind can seriously affect how a move goes. 

Before you start moving your items from home to vehicle you need to clear a safe path and create a safe environment to move. Shovel snow for a path, salt the pathway and driveway, create barriers, etc. Both you and your movers will be very appreciative of this step. 

Prepare Your Vehicles

If you are going to be moving a significant distance you are going to want to have you vehicles in top shape before you start moving. Especially during the winter! Take your vehicles (that will be driven) to get serviced and repair any necessary items. The last thing you want is to be stranded in the middle of nowhere during the winter. 

Allow For Extra Travel Time

The weather months bring tons of unpredictable and dangerous weather with them. Driving around in the inclement weather often takes longer than normal to ensure safety. Be aware of this and either plan or allow for extra travel time for both you and your movers. 

Prepare Your New Home

Make sure your new home is set up for unpacking! You are going to want to ensure that the walkways are clear of debris and elements and that the floors are weather protected. If you will be unloading when it is dark, you should also plan on having exterior lighting setup for safety. 

Be Flexible

Again. The winter weather can be extremely unpredictable. One day it will be blue skies and sunny and then all of a sudden it is dumping snow or rain the next. Additionally, you might have to deal with the wind, hail, flooding, etc. 

Keep you eye close on the forecast and try and plan the best you can. However, you need to also be flexible because things can change in a moment. 

Enjoy The Move

We know its stressful but you should try and breath and enjoy the move. After all, you are going to your new home! Enjoy it. 

If you are moving soon and are not sure where to start, give us a call! We can help you plan, provide you the necessary materials or take care of your entire move for you! Call The Moving Guys Today!