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Man Packing Box Close Up

Top 5 Reasons You Need Professional Packers

Why do we go to doctors, dentists, interior designers, etc. for services? Why don’t we do it ourselves? 

The simple answer is that we have no idea what we are doing (most of us) when it comes to these specialized fields. Doctors, dentists, interior designers all have made these trades their area of expertise. They have hundreds of hours of experience under their belts when it comes to their trade making them the professionals. 

Why would professional packers be any different from these guys? The quick answer is that they are not. Professional packers, typically a part of a full-service moving company, know exactly how to pack every little item in your home so it is safe and secure while also maximizing space and time. 

Here are our top 5 reasons you should hire professional packers for your next move. 

1. They Have The Proper Equipment

You might think a dozen boxes, some tape and a dolly will get the job done but once again you would be wrong. Professional packing companies will com equipped with heavy duty tape, styrofoam wraps, furniture pads, buffers, specialized dollies, ratchet straps, bungee cords and so much more. 

You professional packers will know exactly how to utilize these tools to maneuver and pack your items, securely tape them shut and fit everything into the truck like a perfect game of tetris. 

2. You Won't Have Time; Trust Us

Moving is far from unicorns and rainbows. Moving is a LOT of hard work. 

If you are moving long distance you are going to need to handle the logistics of everything for your family. This includes transferring medical records, booking hotels and/or flights, getting kids ready for school and so much more. Even if you are moving locally you are still going to need to handle your job, family live, housework and any other obligations you may have. 

If you weren’t tired after handling all of that then packing everything will definitely make you wish you hired a packing company. Professional packers will be able to alleviate some of the burdens of moving so you can focus on the rest of the items on your moving checklist.  

3. Your Packers/Movers Are Insured

Let’s say you are moving a box downstairs and you miss the last step sending you and the box (along with its contents) tumbling onto the floor. Turns out that box had your great grandma’s fine china that is now shattered because all you used was loose newspaper to pack it. Those historical pieces of tableware are now gone forever. 

However, if you had hired professional packers/movers, then that fine china would have been covered. If your movers/packers drop, scratch, break or do anything to your items, it is all covered. 

But that is all worse case scenario because the point of hiring these guys is that they know how pack and move your items safely and securely, but just in case anything happens, you are covered. 

4. Faster Than Your Friends

Your packers/movers are far more efficient than your buddies. They know how to get the job done as fast and safe as possible because for one they do it every day and two they want to be done as soon as possible. Just like you! 

If you are lucky enough to have friends that will ACTUALLY help you move, and not wuss out the day before, you will still likely have to split your move into a few days. 

With professional packers/movers you don’t have to worry if Brad is going to show up or not. They will be there rain or shine and will quickly and safely pack and load all of your items into the truck for your next destination. 

5. Cheaper In The Long Run

Yep. You read that right. Cheaper in the long run. 

You may be able to find some packing supplies the budget way (Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, etc) but inevitably you are going to need to buy more supplies. 

You can be looking at upwards of $350 just for packing supplies alone if you are a family of 4. This doesn’t include the truck itself, insurance, etc. 

Professional packers/movers are ‘expensive’ but not nearly as expensive as it would be moving yourself. 

Hiring a full service moving company is not only smart but the economical thing to do. Even if you just hire packers, it is still the smart thing to do. You will have time to focus on the other important moving items on your check list and won’t be stressed out by the actual packing and moving process. 

Your belonging will be protected and you will have peace of mind plus you can save some money. 

If you are moving locally or far, contact The Moving Guys for all your moving needs today!