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Movers unloading truck

Top 10 Moving Tips

So, you’re moving to a new house and you’re not sure where to begin. Or, you’ve moved before but it was a chaotic mess. Well, we can help! We are the moving experts, and can provide you on the best ways to pack up your house!

Start packing early

We all know the saying – the early bird gets the worm! It’s no different for matters of moving. Always anticipate that it will take longer than you think. This way, you’ll avoid the last minute rush and you’ll be more organized!

Downsize your things

When you’re moving, it’s quite possibly the best time to really go through your things and decide what you actually need and what you don’t. The stuff you’ve deemed you don’t need, either donate it or hold a garage sale! Not only will you save money on moving expenses, but you might be able to make a little cash on the side!

Label everything

Believe us, you’ll save far more time writing descriptive labels on the boxes far than trying to figure out which box is which. Also, it may be tempting, but don’t overuse labels like “random” or “miscellaneous”.

Pack one room at a time

This helps you stay more organized, and helps keep same-room items together. If you do multiple rooms at once, your boxes will contain a hodgepodge of items from all over the place.

Nest small boxes into big ones

If you keep all your small moving boxes out, they’ll be difficult to handle and more likely to shift during moving. To avoid this, simply pack them into larger boxes.

Keep important documents with you

There’s always the chance that your moving van might get damaged or stolen, even if the risk is small. You wouldn’t want important or confidential documents to be among those things. Not only does this increase chances of identity theft, but you’ll have to replace everything as well.

Transport valuables separately

Fragile and valuable items like fine china or computer items would not be good candidates to put on a moving truck. They would probably do better in a personal car or something similar.

Move essential items last

Have a designated box for essential items like toiletries, changes of clothes, phone chargers, etc. Pack them up last – this way they can be easily accessed when needed.

Take inventory

After you’ve properly labeled your moving boxes, make a list of all boxes you’ve moved onto and off the truck. This way, you’re immediately alerted when a box goes missing. Otherwise, it may be weeks or months before you realize it.

Other packing tips

For items you know will be stored in an attic, garage, or basement, go ahead and buy large plastic bins to cut out the amount of cardboard boxes you need. Plastic also prevents critter intrusions better than boxes! And, for soft items like towels, plastic trash bags do great!