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Aerial view of winter road with a car and snow covered trees.

Tips For Moving Out Of State In The Winter

Planning to move out of state in the winter months? Be prepared for some challenges. However, we are here to give you some tips and tricks when moving out of state in the winter. 

1. Check The Weather And Check Again

The winter months often bring cold and unpredictable weather, making moving of any kind a challenge but especially across state lines. Checking the weather can give you some idea of what to expect but as always, expect the unexpected. Continuously check the weather leading up to the moving day and prepare as best you can. We recommend checking not only your area, the area you are passing through and your destination’s weather to ensure the best and safest trip possible. 

2. Turn On Utilities

Imagine traveling over 200+ miles in snow, rain, hail, etc. with freezing temperatures and you arrive to your new home without any heat goin. How much of a bummer would that be. Check with your landlord or realtor to ensure that all utilities remain or are turned on by the time you arrive and can be easily transferred to your name. 

3. Cover Those Floors

Moving day means a lot of foot traffic coming in and out. During your winter move you are likely going to experience a lot of snow, mud, water and dirt getting tracked in your home. If your floors are not properly covered, you will be in for an extensive clean up job of your floors once you are finished with your exhausting move. Utilize tarps, paper, towels, sheets, etc. will make sure your home is covered and will also help eliminate the chances of someone slipping. 

4. Everyone Safe and Warm?

During all the excitement and stress of a moving day you can forget about others. Make sure that any pets and children are warm and safe. There will be a lot of moving parts and the weather might not be the best so letting a kid or a pet get lost in the shuffle could spell trouble. Make sure everyone has a proper place to stay, a role (if they are old enough) and of course are warm enough. 

5. Start Early

Getting everything started early on a wintery day can be extremely important since daylight is so precious. Plan to start loading and leaving earlier than you typically would. If you are having a large move, you might want to consider having your plans start maybe a day or two ahead of time as well. 

Moving is no fun anyways but the winter months bring extra challenges. Make sure you are fully prepared, have all the essential materials and are prepared for a cold day. 

If you are moving locally or far, contact The Moving Guys for all your moving needs today!