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unloading a palette of moving boxes

Things to Consider When Choosing a Moving Company​

Moving companies are not all the same, especially in Rapid City. You should make sure you are entrusting your valuables to a company that is going to do its best to protect them. Although accidents do happen, knowing what questions to ask can help reduce your risk of losing something precious to you and your family.  

Are you licensed for interstate moves?

The US Department of Transportation regulates interstate moving companies. Any moving company should be able to provide you with that licensing information if they perform moves between states. If the company only moves within the state, then this licensing requirement is not needed. In the state of South Dakota, there is no specific licensing requirement for moving companies.  

Does the company have experience with a specific type of move?

When it comes to moving things, experience matters. Whether you are moving an office for your business or moving your entire home, you may have special needs. Not every mover has experience moving grand pianos, priceless works of art, or fine china. It is a good idea to check with your potential movers and make sure they have experience with those types of services. Also, make sure the crew are familiar with the area you are moving to, such as Rapid City or Sturgis. Local movers know the area well and have most likely moved other people into your area before.  

What type of liability coverage is provided?

These are your valuables, so they need to be handled properly to ensure safe delivery. Even so, accidents happen and you will want to make sure you can recover monetary damages for your items. Your moving company should be able to provide you with their insurance information so you can tell they are covered in case an issue arises.  

Do they have good reviews or references?

Most legitimate moving companies will have good reviews online. People just like you have used them and reviewed them. You may want to read through and make sure the reviews are actually for moving, however. Many companies also offer storage and get great reviews for it, but they lack reviews for their moving services. You can also check with the Better Business Bureau and, of course, ask anyone who may have already used a moving company. If they don’t have reviews, then you should get some qualified references to make sure the moving company is reliable and safe.  

Pick your best options

These questions are designed to make sure you are getting the best options for your move. There are other things to consider, such as, do you need storage or packing? If you are moving to Rapid City or Sturgis, there are plenty of great storage options. Evaluate the services you will need along with the company so you will get the best experience possible.