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The Mover’s Glossary

Most people are not familiar with moving terminology. In fact, sometimes the foreign lingo can make things even more stressful than the actual move itself.  Below, we’ve put together a moving glossary to make your move easier. Keep the list handy and use it as a quick reference or stow it away as a resource for years to come!


Accessorial Charges: Additional charges for services like packing and unpacking. 

Agent: A local moving company permitted to act on behalf of a national company.


Bill of Lading: A legal document containing a detailed description of the move and a list of items that were loaded onto the moving truck. This services as a receipt of a customer’s agreement with the moving company.


Carrier: The moving company transporting your goods

C.O.D.: Cash on Delivery. This means the payment for the move is collected when the items are delivered to the customer/destination. 

Crating: Packing goods in a wooden crate for transportation. This is typically done to protect valuable or delicate items.


Delivery Report: A report, signed by the customer, to confirm the delivery of goods at the destination.


Estimate, Binding: The price quoted by a moving company is the price you pay – even if unforeseen costs arise. 

Estimate, Non-Binding: The price quoted by a moving company is not guaranteed and in many cases, will end up changing. 


Full-Service Movers: The moving company completes the full moving process from packing and loading to unpacking and cleaning up.


Gross Weight: The weight of the moving truck and the goods it is hauling.


High-Value Articles: Goods that are valued at more than $100 per lb.


Interstate Move: A move across state lines.

Intrastate Move: A move located in the same state.

Inventory: A detailed list of home goods and a description of their condition.




License: Every moving company is required to be licensed with the U.S. Department of Transportation, per federal law.

Line-Haul Charges: Charges that are calculated by the weight and mileage of a shipment for long-distance moves.

Long-Carry Charges: A charge when the movers have to carry your items a long distance to reach the moving truck



Non-Allowable List: Prohibited items that movers will not transport.


Order for Service: A document that authorizes a moving company to move your items. 

Order Number: A number used to identify a customer’s move.


Packing Service: Movers will pack your items before transporting them and then unpack the items upon arrival. 

P.B.O.: Packed By Owner.

ProMover: A moving company that is reputable, trustworthy and certified by the AMSA (American Moving & Storage Association)


Quote: A price provided by the moving company based on the customer’s needs



Stretch Wrap: A heavy duty wrap that is used to protect furniture during the moving process.


Tariff: A list of the moving company’s rules, regulations and prices. 

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Unpacking: When the moving company unloads the goods and then proceeds to unpack them at the destination.


Valuation: Prior the move, a customer will declare the monetary cost for all of the items included in the move. This is the maximum amount of money that the moving company will be liable for.




Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move: A document prepared by the government to help anyone that is moving understand the process