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worker with ponytail placing a bundle on top of cardboard boxes inside a moving truck

Out Of State Traveling & Packing Tips

Moving out of state into another can be one of the most stressful situations. Additionally, it can be expensive, overwhelming and draining to sort, pack, move and unpack everything once at you final destination. However, with the proper preparation it doesn’t have to be like this. The following tips won’t make the process easy but it will make it a little easier. 

1. Plan!

Planning every aspect of your move is extremely important. Writing out a list of all things to consider including how long it will take to pack, whether professional services are required, etc. is going to be very helpful. Anything that may need may be affected and may need attention should be planned for. 

2. Get An Early Start

Do NOT wait to start anything when it comes to moving! It will make your life a lot harder. Packing unneeded items months ahead is a great start. Have a garage sale or give things away that are no longer needed/wanted. Additionally you will need to provide your new address to all important providers and institutions. The only things you should be packing up the day before/day of the move should be your daily used items. Everything else should be taken care of way before your moving day. 

3. Get Your New Home Organized

If your new home is in need of any renovations or updates, they should be taken care of before any of your items are moved in. Additionally, it should be cleaned before your start moving in. 

4. Pack Methodically

You should have a system when you are packing instead of randomly throwing items into boxes. Items should be organized by room or function and based on their fragility and weight. Be sure everything is accounted for and labeled properly because when you move into your new home it will make the unpacking process so much easier. 

5. Larger Items

If possible, disassemble any larger items such as couched, shelves, desks, etc. to maximize your space. It would also be smart to take photos when disassembling so you know exactly where everything goes. For your electronics you should keep all wires, cords and accessories in their individual bags while properly labeling them. 

6. Ask For Help

There is no problem asking for help, either from friends or professionals. Any help you can get will go a long way either when packing, loading or moving into your new home. Make sure they are trustworthy and are aware of your processes and labels. 

Packing interstate can be a tiresome and tedious tasks but when you are prepared, especially early, it can make the process just a little bit easier. Hopefully these tips will help you have a smooth and less stressful move. 

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