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Man unloading moving boxes from truck

Moving In The Summer Is Better! Here’s Why

Many people are torn between moving in the summer vs the winter and you may be asking yourself why! Well moving in the winter has its perks but we’ve already covered that (check out our blog). Unless you live in an extremely hot place we do typically suggest trying to move during the summer months. We understand that moving can cause a lot of stress, especially with the kids out of school for summer but luckily we are here to help you. 

The summer is the most popular time of year to move for a good reason. Why? Well the weather is probably the most obvious reason. Even when it is really hot it beats moving with negative temperatures, ice and snow. 

If the heat is your biggest deterrent we suggest ensuring your moving vehicle has A/C and start your move in the early morning and take breaks when needed. 

1. If Relocating For A Job, Sign A Short Term Lease Until You Find Your Home

Short term leases are easy to come by in the summer. If you are moving to an unfamiliar place, having a short term lease will let you take your time to explore and learn about your new area. You’ll have the time and flexibility to find the neighborhood that is suited for your needs. You can also utilize storage units for any of your larger or unnecessary items. 

2. Mind The Items You Put In Your Moving Truck

While the cab of the moving truck will be air conditioned the storage area will not. Make sure all heat sensitive items like electronics are packed last so they will have the most airflow, although minimal. 

3. Book Your Moving Truck / Company Early

Like we said earlier, the summer months are the most popular times to move so planning early is essential. You don’t want to be ready to move, without a place to live but have no truck or moving company lined up. Start early to get the best quote as well!

4. Start Packing In Advance

Rushing to pack + high temperatures = a bad time. Make sure your move is as easy as possible by packing all non-essential items first! Having a large bulk of items packed early will not only help you stay organized but it will make your life  a lot easier. 

5. Pack Winter Items & Decor

You wont be using your Christmas decorations for your truck and you wont be needing that parka when it is 98 degrees out. Pack all your holiday decorations and decor along with winter clothing early. 

6. Stay Hydrated

The summer temperature can be grueling and taxing which means heat strokes or exhaustion are both very possible. You might be caught up in all the stress of moving that you forget to drink anything but that is the last thing you want to do. Water is king but other drinks such as coconut water or gatorade are great for their electrolytes, plus they taste good. 

7. Take Breaks

If you begin packing early you won’t have to stress during your moving day. With some time on your hands it will be easy to take time for yourself during your warm moving day. Rushing will not be a good idea during these hot days so take your time when you are able to to. 

8. Move During The Week

If you are able to, set your moving day for during the week. Most people move during the weekend because that is what is the most convenient but moving during the week will allow you to get a moving company more easily and at a better price. 

If you are moving locally or far, contact The Moving Guys for all your moving needs today!