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woman packing up glass items to move

Essential Packing Supplies You Need

Are you thinking about moving soon? It is never too early to start accumulating essential packing supplies. Once you are in moving mode you won’t have time to worry about that roll of tape you forgot or that box specifically made for your flatscreen TV! Were here to give you a leg up on packing day by helping you ensure you have everything you could possibly need to pack your items and get them safely moved to your new home. 

We are going to go over the top packing supplies you will need to ensure a seamless and painless (as painless as possible) packing experience. 

1. Boxes

Free is free, even when it comes to boxes but not every box is the same! Random free boxes are ok for lighter-weight, non-fragile items but you are going to want a variety of boxes and specific boxes for specific items. Boxes can vary in size, strength, structure, sturdiness, and more which means most boxes are built for specific purposes. Heavy items like books and magazine are going to go in small boxes and lighter items like pillows and clothes can go in medium-large boxes. There are even boxes that are built specifically for TV’s. 

2. Bubbles, Packing Paper & Cushion Rolls

If you are on a super tight budget you can save a little here but make sure you have some sort of cushioning. If you can find bubble rolls or packing paper for free then more power to you but newspapers, extra clothes, linens, etc. all work great as well.

3. Packing Tape! Packing Tape! Packing Tape!

You will always need more tape than you think! Trust Us! Get those extra rolls and try and get the good stuff. The cheaper the tape, the more likely you are to use more of it which means you might actually waste more money. 

4. Scissors / Knife

Having a nice sturdy, sharp pair of scissors is going to be great for cutting your tape but they’ll be great for when you need to reopen boxes. Mistakes happen so you are definitely going to need to reopen a box or two and having the right tool can make it a lot easier. A knife also might seem redundant since you have scissors but a solid knife or box cutter makes breaking down, resizing, or customizing boxes a breeze. They are also great for quickly slicing through tick plastic zip ties. 

5. Painters Tape

Painter’s tape is almost as versatile as a Swiss Army knife when packing. Painters tape is the perfect tape for packing as it is sticky but not overly tacky like other tapes, leaving no damage to whatever it was stuck to. 

Use it to label boxes, hold loose items together, mark areas and more. You can even use it to keep drawers closed! The possibilities are endless. 

6. Pen & Paper

Take it back to the old school because a good pen and paper will never fail you. Use these bad boys to make an inventory list, mark off everything you are packing into a certain box, number that box and use all the information you wrote down when it comes to unpack! Having everything written down and organized is going to make sure you are not missing any boxes and will help you stay organized when unpacking. 

7. Heavy-Duty Trash Bags

Get more than what you think you need because we guarantee you are going to use these bags for more than just trash. No more boxes? Trash bag! Tons of linens to pack? Trash bag! Couch cushions & pillows? Trash bag! Extra clothes? You guessed it! Trash Bag! Don’t worry, you can use them for your trash too because lord knows you will have a lot of that too!

8. Thick Marker

A pen is great for paper but on the side of a box???? Get that nice and thick marker that is going to allow you to see what you scribbled on the side of the box at a glance. We like a 4-5mm chiseled-edge marker because it is just big and bold and easy to see/read. 

9. Labels

These aren’t necessarily essential but they are great when trying to stay organized. You can use colored labels to color code your entire home by room or item type. You can label/color code the boxes themselves or the items and the boxes for extra organization. 

Packing is a hassle and can become a major pain in the you know what so why not make your life easier by starting early and making sure you have all the essential items for packing. 

If you are moving locally or far, contact The Moving Guys for all your moving needs today!