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Stack of moving boxes in front of a sealed box with office, files, papers written on it and scissors, tape and a marker on top

5 Misconceptions About Moving and Professional Moving Companies

You finally found the house you’ve been dreaming of! But wait… now you have to move (cue eerie music). Moving is not fun and makes you want to pull your hair out right?? But why does everyone think this way and make moving such a dreaded day? Maybe these five misconceptions might be a part of why so many people think this way. 

1. Moving Is Always Disorganized

When most people think of moving they tend to associate a move with chaos and disorganization. They might be overwhelmed and stressed because they don’t trust their cardboard boxed or how they packed the truck

Despite these fears, the fact remains that moving can be organized if you plan and put a little effort into it. But we also understand that on top of moving you are worried about a million different things as well… and that is why we are here. Professional movers can help you get all of you belongings organized, packed, and safely transported and unpacked at your new location. Between the supplies at hand and the years of experience, we are here to help make your move as organized and stress free as possible. 

2. Any Tape Will Do

Ask MacGyver and we are sure he would tell you that duct tape is the best tool for any job but not even MacGyver is a professional mover and does’t know that statement is false. Duct tape is a great adhesive and masking tape or painters tape are great adhesives as well but none of these are designed to specifically adhere to cardboard. 

Packing tape was created specifically to adhere to cardboard meaning that it is by far the best tool for the job. Using the proper tool for the job, in this case securing your belongings, helps ensure that your belongings are going to be safe during the move.  

3. Movers Are Careless And Will Break Something

When some people hire professional movers they are plagued with anxiety that the movers will break something, especially their valuable items such as heirlooms or. expensive pieces. 

Hiring a reliable, respected, professional, and experienced moving company will ensure that all of your belongings will be taken care of to the fullest extent. You can also help the movers understand and identify which items are fragile or valuable to ensure that they know exactly how to care and transport them. If you hire the right moving company you can be sure that your items will be safe and secure. 

4. Moving Companies Are All The Same

This couldn’t be further from the truth! As with any service, there are many variables such as price, quality of service and experience with moving companies. If you hire inexperienced or untrustworthy mover you could be setting yourself up for a big financial loss and a major headache. Hiring an experienced, professional moving company will give you peace of mind and take away the stress of moving all while saving yourself time, money, and energy. 

5. Best Day To Move Is Friday!

Most people think moving on a Friday is the best strategy since you will have the entire weekend to unpack and settle in before Monday which is true but that doesn’t make it the best day to move. 

Since most people are also thinking this way, moving on a Friday could have you paying a premium price for moving service since demand is so high. This is especially true during the summer months, because who wants to move during the winter. Choosing to move during a less popular time could end up saving you a good amount of money. However, No Matter what day you choose to move it is always a good idea to book with a moving company as far ahead of time as possible. 

Moving doesn’t have to be a dreaded, stressful day. Understand that if you do your due dilligence and prepare as best as possible, it can be a seamless and easy day.   

No matter when you are trying to move, how much you need to move or where you need to move, let The Moving Guys Take care of you. We have over 15 years of experience, we are licensed and insured, and are committed to providing an excellent experience for you.