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10 Prep Steps Before Moving Out Of State

How successful your out of state move will depend on how well you are prepared for arguably one of the most stressful situations. The fact is that the earlier you start preparing for your long distance move, the better your chances are of having a low stress move. 

We are going to give you our top 10 steps you should complete before moving day. 

1. Find An Out-Of-State Mover

This is one of the most important steps because you can prepare all you can but if you hire a poor moving company then all your preparations are practically useless. You need to do your research and find the out-of-state moving company that will give you the best deal in terms of price, services and conditions. Once you have found the perfect company for you then your next step is to book them as far in advance as possible. 

2. Set A Moving Budget

We strongly recommend that you set a moving budget that will easily allow you to track all costs and expenses. The cost of hiring your moving company should be your biggest cost but there are other not so obvious expenses that you should be aware of. Additionally, be aware of any additional fees and charges. 

3. Take Inventory Of Your Home

Moving to another state is no the time to gather all of the items in your house and bring them because you won’t need all of them and the cost to bring everything will surely drain your wallet. 

Find the time to take inventory of your home and mark what the most important items are and which ones you will leave behind and/or sell. Do not be afraid to get rid of a lot of items since it is your money on the line. 

4. Remove Uneccessary items

Staying consistent with the previous step, the best way to successfully move at the lowest cost is to only bring the necessary items. This steps should be completed well before you start packing. These unecessary items can be sold or discarded but you want them out of your life, trust us. 

5. Pack Early

This will be the longest step to complete but also one of the most important. Because it is so time consuming it is best that you start boxing items as soon as possible to avoid panic packing. We also recommend compiling a good packing checklist so you do not forget anything and can track what is in what boxes.  

6. Get All Your Records Together

When you are moving to a new state you will likely need a new primary physician, new insurance, a new school, etc. Make sure you get all important records together before you leave and keep them in a safe place. 

7. Update Your Address & Cancel Services

Moving to a new home means you get a new address and you don’t want to miss out on any important information during the move. Change your address shortly before you move to ensure you get all important mail to your new home address. Additionally, you should cancel any services, subscriptions or memberships that utilize a home address. 

8. Cancel and Set Up Utilities

Your new home will not only give you a new address but it will have different utilities supplied by a different company. Schedule a time and date to discontinue utility services at your old home and then a day to reconnect utilities with your new home with gas, water, electricity, cable, wifi, etc. 

9. Prepare Pets and Children

If you have children and/or pets that are moving with you, one thing is for sure and that is your hands are going to be full. Your number one priority is going to be that they get to the final destination safely. Make sure they are aware of the move and try and maintain their routine as if it was any other day. 

10. Prepare Yourself

Once you have everything packed and organized, the moving company you hire will take care of the transportation of your items to you new home. How are you getting to your new home? Plan your road trip or flights so you can be at your new home prior to the moving company. 

If you are moving locally or far, contact The Moving Guys for all your moving needs today!